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The challenge in warehouse automation is the ability of the software system to get the right pallet to the right place at the right time to enable the despatch area to meet their KPIs.

Get this right and the potential Return on Investment can be enormous, however doing so requires a synchronised co-ordination of the systems lifts, SMART carriers and the data provided by your warehouse management system.

This has often been the stumbling block for Automated Warehouse Solutions, however the mistake many companies have made is developing the system first and then subsequently developing the software – normally with an external partner.

Our powerful software solution is at the heart of the AUTOCUBE™ solution and has been developed over years of application using Artificial Intelligence technology.

It is designed to understand your stock profile and fluctuations in demand which it uses to continually update and improve the pallet locations and maximise efficiencies in the system.

Our Intelligent Autocube Control & Tracking System (i-ACTS) is the workhorse of the entire operation, working seamlessly with your ERP to control all inbound and outbound pallet journeys.

Tasks can either be generated by the Company’s ERP system with pre-programmed picking and loading lists or entered manually by the operator using i-ACTS intuitive graphical user interface.

Whether it is simple movements of single full pallets or developing complex order scheduling to enable operators to pick and build mixed goods pallets, i-ACTS ensures the operations are carried out quickly and efficiently, using advanced scheduling protocols.

I-ACTS can build stock intelligence and reconfigure the pallet location profiles during down times or overnight to maximise future efficiencies and prepare for the next shipments prior to operators beginning their shift.

For a full demonstration of the AUTOCUBE™ solution and see an insight into how the I-ACTS Automated Warehouse Software system provides you with complete control over your pallet locations, CONTACT US NOW.

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