The Benefits of Rack Protection – If Only You Had Known

Pallet Radio Shuttle System Scotland

We are always discussing the benefits of rack protection with our clients and how they can save money in the long run by a comparatively small investment.

Last week I visited a new client who was looking for assistance with some rack repair work after a forklift truck had crashed into his racking system.

The damage was fairly extensive and as the previous supplier was no longer trading, the client was searching for someone to help source replacement parts.

But the first thing we saw when we looked at the damaged area was the clear lack of adequate rack protection to the previous systems

When I explained to the client that if he had installed quality rack protection, the damage could certainly have been minimised and potentially avoided, his response was “If only I had known.”

Now the previous racking supplier possibly did try to advise on the benefits of rack protection, but many clients are purely focused on the cost of racking and do not budget for what is often seen as expendable accessories.

It’s only when you experience an incident such as this where the true benefit of rack protection systems hits home.

But the smart companies recognise that high quality rack protection is an investment that can pay for itself within a very short space of time.

They understand the annual cost of racking damage goes much further than simply the replacement costs of new uprights and beams including:

• Time spent decanting the goods from the racking and storing it elsewhere
• The time the area of racking was out of commission
• The downtime involved with forklift trucks and personnel
• The cost of goods damaged because of the racking damage

Hopefully you never experience such an incident but if you do, you will hopefully be in a better position than my client and invested in rack protection.

If not, you will not be able to say – “If Only I Had Known”