How Did We Create Max The Cube?

Narrow Aisle Racking at Asco

As part of the initial process for developing Max the CubeTM, we carried out extensive research to understand the challenges being faced by the key sectors in our economy.

We found that companies were not maximising the capacity or the utilisation of their warehouse. This meant they were facing unnecessary costs such as external storage, additional staff and racking damage. There were also operational challenges such as travel times, loading times and access to products.

Part of the challenge was a design issue both in terms of storage and workflows. But the other part was down to the actual solutions installed and most importantly how they were being used.

We therefore scoured the global market for over 3 years to identify the market leading products and solutions which would become our armoury in developing solutions.

We also recruited raw talent with a passion to succeed and most importantly an open mind of what could be achieved.

We recognised the days of the traditional racking and storage mind set were gone – things had to change.

We invested in state of the art software which would enable us to design solutions, compare performance and providing quotations, quickly and efficiently.

We also invested heavily in training in all aspects of our service from design through to installation as well as after sales support to ensure we could deliver the awesome levels of customer service we have built our business on.

We then created a training programme which guides people from graduate to expert status in the Max the CubeTM approach – a programme which takes no fewer than 10,000 hours to complete.

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