Push Back Racking Benefits Explained

Push Back Racking Benefits Explained

The concept of push back racking is very easy to understand, however the full benefits that pushback racking offers are often overlooked.

For more examples of how Push Back Racking has helped companies maximise their capacity, click here or see below for an outline of the benefits.

The Benefits of Push Back Racking

As you can see from the video below, increased capacity is the obvious benefit, however we look at the full range of benefits push back racking can offer over other storage solutions. We also explain 5 of the key benefits our Maxi Cube push back racking solution delivers over other racking systems.

1. Increased Capacity

The first major benefit that push back racking delivers is INCREASED CAPACITY.  As you can see from the video above, the solution almost doubles capacity achieved by APR racking in the same floor space.

The APR racking delivered a total of 768 pallet positions in comparison to the 1344 pallet positions achieved by the push back racking.

In this example, we have used a push back racking design which is 4 pallets deep to the outer walls and 3 pallets deep back to back in the centre – accessed by two fork lift aisles to provide 384 picking positions.

In fact, our Maxi Cube Push Back Racking can now store up to 6 pallets deep in a block – offering even more storage capacity.

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2. Faster Material Handling

Push back racking can dramatically reduce fork lift travelling times and picking times over other solutions, whether its reducing the number of aisles in a warehouse featuring APR racking or reducing picking times over a drive-in system where the forklift has to enter the racking system.

In terms of performance, our unique cart system provides the fork lift driver with greater control over the push back process.

Our nested cart design has re-engineered the interface between forklift and racking to enable faster material handling both in pallet placement and pallet retrieval.

Thanks to the unique design of the carts, the system can easily accommodate different sized pallets, allowing additional functionality and flexibility.

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3. Less Maintenance & Rack Repairs Required

Potential Maintenance and rack repairs is a major consideration that needs to be taken before deciding on any racking system.

One of the biggest frustrations for racking solutions which use roller based systems is the rollers become stuck or products get trapped. This can not only result in costs in both down time and monetary, however the recent changes to the health and safety legislation, make the repair process even more difficult.

Drive in racking also tends to see a comparatively large amount of rack repairs. In fact, most drive in racking systems will need to replace approximately 10-15% of uprights on an annual basis due to damage caused by fork lifts having to enter the system.

4. Improved Safety

One of the unique design features of the Maxi Cube Push Back Racking is in the nested cart system which ensures all the pallets sit level in the racking. This not only provides increase protection of the goods in the racking but also improves health and safety for the operators.

5. Reduced Cost

The use of high density storage solution naturally provides cost savings in terms of freeing up floor space or delivering more capacity into a given area.

Our cart system avoids the costs of the expensive heavy duty rollers and coupled with the improved reliability and performance benefits, reduces the ongoing operational costs, adding bottom line benefits to your business.

The end result is the most advanced and most effective push back racking solution on the market today.

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