8 Tell Tale Signs of Dangerous Racking

Dangerous Racking

Dangerous Racking is a key issue in any warehouse as it may present a major health and safety risk.

No matter how much action you take to protect  damage to your racking system or how much training you provide your forklift drivers, you cannot account for wear and tear or of course human error.

The truth is that any damage to a racking system, no matter how minor, will impact on its load carrying capacity. The greater the damage, the less weight that can be carried and the bigger the potential for collapse – even at normal working loads.

But what are the warning signs that you should be aware of?

In our years of racking inspection experience, we have seen thousands of racking systems from the completely safe to the out and out health hazards. But virtually every case of systems with defects can be attributed to the following tell tale signs:

  1. Split, Torn or Buckled Uprights
  2. Uprights out of plumb
  3. Damaged Bracings
  4. Damaged Floor Fixings
  5. Beam Connectors Not Parallel
  6. Beams Not Returning to Normal Deflection After Loading
  7. Damaged or Missing Beam Connectors or Safety Clips
  8. Cracks or Deformation in the Welds

Whilst it may be tempting for warehouse managers or supervisors to carry out visual inspections of potential problem areas and assume everything is acceptable, it is essential that any potential defect is inspected by a qualified racking inspector who can determine the full extent of the problem and provide recommendations.

But do not wait for your dangerous racking to collapse before calling in the professionals. Unless regular inspections area carried out by a qualified racking inspector, it can be difficult to identify potential problem areas.

If you have any concerns with your racking or if you have not had a rack inspection carried out in the last 12 months, contact us today.

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