Why Use Timber Decking for Pallet Racking

Timber decking for pallet racking

One of the biggest challenges for many companies is developing a cost effective storage facility which provides them with the flexibility to store all of their products whilst maximising the potential capacity. This is particularly an issue for companies which receive a variety of pallet types and individual products to be stored in a single racking solution. One solution to this problem could be timber decking for pallet racking.

This was the case with a Medical Device company which was looking for a flexible storage solution with 100% accessibility for a relatively small area and a wide range of products.

The key issue the company faced was developing a solution which would enable them to safely store different sizes of pallets including so called “one trip pallets” which are not designed to be used for anything other than a single transportation of goods.

After discussing the project in detail with the client and carrying out a full survey, Thistle’s design team designed and installed an adjustable pallet racking solution which used a combination of open and closed timber decking.

The open decking enables the racking to accommodate any shape or size of pallets whilst the closed decking allows individual products to be stored directly onto the racking. The timber decking for pallet racking also enhances the overall safety of the racking system by completely eliminating the risk of pallets falling through the beam if a pallet was to collapse.

Thistle Systems’ Managing Director, Mike Cairns, “The ideal way to Max the Cube is to tailor the layout to specific sizes and quantities of the products being stored, however this always isn’t possible where various products and pallet sizes need to be accommodated.”

He continued, “By using timber decking for pallet racking, the client has achieved complete flexibility and most importantly can increase utilisation and storage capacity with a defined footprint.”

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