Essential Storage Safety Awareness Training

Racking Inspectors Scotland

The days of simply carrying out a formal racking inspection once or twice or year just to meet your HSE obligations are now seen as a reactive approach to warehouse management. Therefore, Thistle Systems has developed a practical hands-on training programme for storage safety awareness, to provide your warehouse operators with the basic knowledge of safe storage techniques and ensure a safe working environment throughout the year

The ability of your employees to identify and report potential damage to racking, shelving and mezzanines could not only save your company thousands in repairs but also protect the health and safety of your employees.

The course covers:

  • The key components and roles of racking, shelving and mezzanines
  • Essential safe storage techniques
  • What to look for when it comes to racking, damage and safety hazards
  • The importance of load signs
  • Key methods to prevent damage to racking, shelving and mezzanines
  • Effective reporting procedures
  • The dangers of second hand racking

The Key Benefits

From an operator’s perspective, your employees will be more aware of the potential hazards in their daily working and gain confidence from being more in control of their safety.

The increased awareness of employees will result in a safer working environment, minimising your exposure to risk and potential incidents. By identifying racking damage at the earliest possible stage, you will also minimise the potential cost of rack repairs and damage to goods being stored.

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