Case study

Dynamic IBC Bunded Storage Solution

A leading food and drinks business has transformed the storage of IBCs in a fraction of the floor space thanks to Thistle Systems' dynamic IBC storage solution, which allows 105 IBCs to be stored in just 61 square metres.

Case study

Ingenious Push Back Rack Solution for Fast Growing Food & Drink Company

One of Scotland’s fast growing food and drink company’s is creating a unique position in the market using ingenious techniques and innovative equipment to transform its storage capacity in its facility.

Case study

Maxi Cube Push Back IBC Racking Transforms Space Utilisation

Thistle Systems has enabled a major drinks company to dramatically reduce the floor space required to store its IBCs, as well as improving the safety, by designing, supplying and installing a specialist IBC push back racking system.

Case study

Two Tier Shelving with IBC Racking

Thistle Systems has used Two Tier Shelving to create almost 500 linear metres of storage in just over 40 square metres plus created IBC Storage

Case study

Push Back Racking

Thistle Systems' push back racking system has helped a Textile company increase their capacity by 36%

Case study

IBC Storage with Bund for Aberdeen Food & Drink Business

Thistle Systems has enabled a world leading food and drink company to transform the storage capacity as well as the safety of their IBC storage thanks to our ground-breaking push back racking solution with integrated bund and drip tray.

Case study

IBC Racking Solution For Global Company

Thistle Systems has designed and installed over 600 pallet positions of IBC pallet racking for a global player in the oil and gas sector after exploring a number of alternatives as part of the Max the Cube approach.

Case study

Bunded IBC Storage Solution for Food & Drink Company

With space becoming a premium and health and safety a key issue for a food & drink company, Thistle Systems were asked to demonstrate the power of their Max the Cube approach by developing a bespoke solution to allow the IBCs to be safely stored on racking.

Case study

Ingenious Push Back Racking Solution

Thistle Systems’ Maxi Cube Push Back Racking is providing companies with a high-density solution that maximises capacity whilst offering the flexibility to store a range of products and materials.

Maximise your space.

Our max the cube approach enables you to maximise the capacity within your facilities whilst dramatically reducing your operational costs.

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