Cost of Unsafe Racking

narrow aisle racking

It’s all too easy to put off carrying out racking inspections or indeed the costs of rectifying problem – however the true cost of racking which is unsafe could be far greater.

Clearly the cost of replacing an upright or a section of racking is a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire racking system, however the true costs of unsafe racking can have a far deeper effect on your operations.

As well as the cost of replacing the racking system, have you taken into consideration the cost of:

  1. Replacing the damaged goods held on the unsafe racking
  2. The costs and effect on working practices by using temporary storage facilities
  3. The general disruption to production and the working environment
  4. The legal expenses incurred when defending actions resulting from an accident
  5. The compensation to be paid to any workers injured by the unsafe racking
  6. The increase in insurance rates which will inevitably be implemented following the loss
  7. Any potential HSE fines relating to violations of statutory safety requirements
  8. The impact on your business should any directors be imprisoned if they are found to be responsible for preventing serious accidents

The perceived short term savings could be a drop in the ocean compared to the potential costs from allowing the problem to escalate and in the worst case scenario see the racking system collapse.

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