How Max the Cube Transformed Our Business?

Max the Cube

Despite being in business for 20 years, its only in the last 4 where we have truly been able to tell people what it is that we can actually do for their business in a manner they can instantly relate to.

This came when we developed our Max the Cube approach which effectively harnessed the systematic and analytical design approach we have developed over our 20 years’ history and spent the last 12 years perfecting.

In truth, I have been in this industry for 25 years and worked with literally thousands of companies and many very clever clients. I have always approached business the same way – with a passion for helping our clients and their business through the best solution I could find.

When I set up in business, we tried to do things differently – focusing our efforts on prospecting new clients, educating them, inspiring them with new ideas and building strong customer relationships.

The truth was it was tough. Competition was fierce and it was becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd – especially when the crowd included some global companies that could outspend our efforts without even blinking.

But we found when we got the opportunity to present design proposals to clients, our conversion rates were excellent – despite not always being the cheapest quote.

Our reputation was growing and when we were presented with the opportunity to win the biggest project in our history, our first £1million contract, we made sure we grabbed it with both hands. This was where the concept of Max the Cube was conceived.

However, we took the time to understand their business, analyse their warehouse and discuss the challenges and bottlenecks they were facing.

This extensive process uncovered the underlying wish of the client which we recognised was common in virtually every client we had ever dealt with – whether they had communicated it or not.

TO “maximise capacity and increase performance while reducing operational costs dramatically”

This became the foundation of our Max the Cube approach.

So rather than simply giving them more of what they had, we presented a radical proposal using a combination of advanced storage solutions which we knew would transform their business. It was a proposal they didn’t expect and in truth, such was the scale of the savings, didn’t initially believe was even possible.

We spent meeting after meeting and month after month proving the potentially enormous capacity it could achieve. But thanks to our understanding of the business, we were also able to design in process improvements which would deliver significant the cost and operational savings it would bring.

And then when they agreed our revolutionary design proposals were the best solution for their needs, they decided to put the contract out to tender. What a kick in the balls that was!

Thankfully we knew we had the best product. We had been researching the market for over 2 years to find the best on the market. Its performance was the basis of our design. And so we returned to our original expertise – demonstrating why our solution was the very best on the market.

Thankfully we secured the £1.5 million contract. But most importantly the Max the Cube approach was born.

What this whole experience gave us was something quite special.

We now had a focal point of our company – a crusade that we could take to every business in the country.

But most importantly we had a model that could shape our entire business.

It provided our Project Managers with a fantastic new way of selling. It provided with a unique approach to training our team.

Max the Cube also gave our clients a powerful phrase they could relate instantly to – a phrase that demonstrated we understood their challenges.

It’s now an integral part of everything we do, every project we undertake and every market we enter.

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