Max the Cube Storage Solutions

Mobile racking installation in large warehouse in Scotland.

Max the Cube is NOT for the Average Company

If there is one thing we have learned from the last few years, it’s the fact that simply being average is effectively guaranteeing failure.

The seismic shift in the way people now have access to a world of information prior to buying products and services means that companies with mediocre products or who deliver mediocre service will be found out. Therefore, it’s crucial that companies stand out from the crowd by ensuring they offer both exceptional products and service.

It’s a concept we firmly believe in and was instrumental in the reason why we developed our Max the CubeTM approach.

Then again, we know that our Max the CubeTM approach isn’t for everyone – and if you are happy with your warehouse just being average, then you don’t need to read any further.

But if you want to maximise the performance of your warehouse, then Max the Cube is definitely for you.

Why did we create Max the Cube?

The core philosophy has been at the heart of our business since we were established in 1996. We have always focused on giving people the best service and solution – going above and beyond wherever possible.

But, as we honed our offering and began to truly understand what clients wanted and appreciated, we started looking at the tangible results we were delivering and further developed solutions which would enhance these even more.

However, we wanted to be able to communicate this in a few words – in a way that customers would instantly relate to and without the corporate mumbo jumbo and mission statements that our competitors were using.

And that is how Max the Cube was born.

Quite simply it was the best way to demonstrate our unique approach to storage solutions and interior fit outs. It provided us with a vehicle which allowed us to consistently deliver solutions which achieved results and it enabled us to rise above the mediocrity in our market.

Plus, it has paid dividends for not only us but most importantly our clients.  Check out a few of the successes we have enabled our clients to achieve:

  • A drinks manufacturer increased its capacity by 36% in the same floor area
  • We quadrupled the capacity in the packaging area of one drinks warehouse
  • We enabled one 3PL to free up an additional 45% of floor space within a warehouse
  • An oil and gas company was able to increase its capacity by 100% AND reduce the required floor space by 83%
  • We enabled a food and drinks company to eradicate its external storage requirement
  • We helped a company to increase the loads per day per man by 100%

Again, if you are happy with a system that just gets you by, then our Max the Cube approach is probably not for you.

But, if you recognise the enormous benefits gained from maximising the capacity, utilisation and accessibility of your warehouse, we can help you to do just that and dramatically reduce your operational costs.

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