Dangerous Racking

8 Tell Tale Signs of Dangerous Racking

Dangerous Racking is a key issue in any warehouse as it may present a major health and safety risk. No matter how much action you take to protect  damage to your racking system or how much training you provide your forklift drivers, you cannot account for wear and tear or of course human error. The truth … Continued

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narrow aisle racking

Cost of Unsafe Racking

It’s all too easy to put off carrying out racking inspections or indeed the costs of rectifying problem – however the true cost of racking which is unsafe could be far greater. Clearly the cost of replacing an upright or a section of racking is a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire racking system, however … Continued

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Racking Collapse in Warehouse

7 Tips to Make Your Racking Safe

There is incredible video footage shows the devastating impact poorly constructed racking can have on a warehouse. The most worrying aspect is how little contact there is between the forklift and the horizontal beam which causes virtually all of the racking to collapse. It’s almost impossible to determine the real cause of the problem from … Continued

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Pallet Radio Shuttle System Scotland

The Benefits of Rack Protection – If Only You Had Known

We are always discussing the benefits of rack protection with our clients and how they can save money in the long run by a comparatively small investment. Last week I visited a new client who was looking for assistance with some rack repair work after a forklift truck had crashed into his racking system. The … Continued

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