Discover the Power of the Max the Cube Shuttle Storage System

Shuttle Storage System

The Max the Cube Shuttle Racking system, or Shuttle Storage System as they are sometimes referred to, allows you to maximise the full potential of your warehouse by dramatically increasing capacity, reducing operating costs and improving throughput.

By using a combination of high-density racking and a semi-automated shuttle, the solution enables you to truly maximise the space utilisation of your warehouse.

Shuttle racking is a highly effective alternative to drive in racking and pallet live racking and is a solution which can deliver significant benefits as well as a highly attractive return on investment.

What Is A Shuttle Storage System?

The Max the Cube shuttle racking system transforms the concept of racking as we know it by enabling large runs of racking to be designed as blocks, eliminating the need for fork lift truck aisles.

The shuttle is placed on rails within the racking system and lifts the pallet from the drop off point and delivers it the next available place in the racking system. The shuttle can also be used to collect the pallet from the racking and present it at the edge of the racking, ready for the forklift to collect.

The shuttle is controlled by a handheld device and can be pre-programmed to automatically collect or deliver the next pallet.

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Typical Uses for Shuttle Racking

The system can transform the performance and capacity of the warehouse, particularly with FILO and FIFO systems.

The ability to create storage lanes of up to 100 pallets deep transforms the potential storage capacity of any warehouse using a FILO or FIFO system. And with the shuttle doing all of the work once the pallet is in the racking system, significant performance benefits are delivered thanks to reduced travel times and reduced maintenance issues.

Shuttle Systems can also transform the performance of Despatch Areas which often act as a key performance indicator of the overall efficiency of the warehouse.

By incorporating a shuttle racking system, companies can minimise waiting and loading times by creating dedicated areas with pre-prepared pallets ready to be loaded onto the wagon.

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How Does the Max the Cube Shuttle Racking System Compare to Other Systems?

Our system is one of the most reliable and flexible solutions on the market today.

One of the most important aspects of any shuttle racking system is how well the shuttle integrates with the racking structure. There are huge risks involved in using a shuttle that has not been designed and manufactured specifically for the racking in question.

The ongoing development of the Max the Cube Shuttle Racking System has been carried out hand in hand with the racking system and both are manufactured in the same factory with every project assigned a dedicated project team.

Our system is now a completely integrated solution that is guaranteed to outperform all competitors in terms of speed, reliability, durability and performance.

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